Netcom Africa, Zeta Web On Technology Convergence Leaders Hit List
Netcom Africa, Zeta Web and a number of technology solution providers are on the Technology Convergence Leaders hit list for WACC 2017. WACC 2017 is recognizing individuals and corporate entities deemed to be leaders in the promotion of technology diffusion and convergence. The recognition ceremony is the sign-off menu on the WACC 2017 event.

With businesses in Nigeria becoming more data-driven, the demand for reliable data is surging and many internet service providers (ISPs) are angling to dominate the internet connectivity market. One ISP making impacts within the ecosystem is Zeta Web, an indigenous ICT firm with significant expertise in designing, deploying and managing technology solutions in Nigeria. Zeta Web is on the hit list of Tech Convergence Leaders at this year’s West African Convergence Conference (WACC).

Zeta Web has deployed advanced technology solutions across Africa with Zeta Web Nigeria Limited, as an ISP, offering high speed broadband targeted at corporate organisations. Zeta Web Business Solutions, another part of the company handles technology and business solutions for firms ranging from managed services, cloud computing to call centre solutions.

Also on the list is Netcom Africa, one of the industry leaders in data connectivity and managed services. Netcom Africa since its extensive diversification in cloud computing has added a bouquet of services that include hardware, software, networks, and facilities used to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control and support IT services for companies.

WACC is holding Wednesday, 29th of November inside Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Ikeja, Lagos. WACC 2017 theme is ‘Convergence & the New Deals: – Entrepreneurships & Employability.’ WACC is promoted as an industry-sponsored event by Knowhow Media and Market Intelligence International Limited– KMMIIL.

WACC 2017 starts 8AM. Attendance is free. Register online: