About Netcom

Nigeria’s leading Managed Service Provider

Netcom can help your businesses digital transformation quickly, securely, and reliably with our suite of managed solutions.

Since 2004, companies across Nigeria have been relying on Netcom to ensure that they are connected to the world. Over time, we have transformed to meet our clients demands with a host of leading solutions by partnering with local and global experts and OEM’s. Today we are the leading MSP (Managed Service Provider) in Nigeria with hundreds of companies relying on our expertise and leading solutions to help them navigate their digital transformation. The technology landscape is complex and ever changing, and we have a solid understanding of the problems today and the solutions that will drive your business into the future. We not only have the expertise and solutions to bring about fundamental change in the way you do business, but we have also taken that journey ourselves.

What is an MSP?

If your bussiness is currently, or you are looking towards digital transformation, you may be looking forward to seeing the results of your journey. Transforming to digital business is great for you and your customers, but do you have the internal resources to maximize the experience? Leveraging on the support of a Managed Service Provider could be the best way to keep up with your day to day mission critical activities without impacting your brand growth.

What do we do?

As your outsourced Managed Service Provider, our responsibilities can include Software as a Service, infrastructure as a Service, product updates, platform configurations, security concerns, and ongoing support of these and your users. if any technology issue arises, we have an experienced team of IT professionals to get the issues resolved quickly.

Benefits to Using a Managed Service Provider

Better Budget Forecasting

Less Strain on Internal Resources

Flexible Models available

Higher availability

Industry Experts

High Efficiency

Our Mission

To be the leading Managed Services Provider (MSP) & technology consultancy company in Nigeria, enabling successful results for our people and our clients.

Our Vision

To be the leading technology consultancy company in Nigeria, enabling successful results for our people and our clients.

Our Core Values


Ambition and drive

Integrity and honesty

Commitment to innovation