More than eight in every 10 organizations from Nigeria are currently experiencing cyber-security breaches, especially in the public cloud. Globally cyber-crime has increased by 600% since the start of the Pandemic alone.

Managed Cyber Security

Your time is as precious as your business and your data, and we would like to protect them all. Let us help you secure your business against cyber threats with the most up-to-date managed solutions leaving you free to get on with the important stuff – like generating revenue

 Email Protection

 Email encryption

 Endpoint protection

 Next-Gen Firewall

 Web security

 Penetration testing


Disaster Recovery And Backup

 More than 90% of companies have met at least 1 disruption to their business systems.

 The risk of losing data is one of the biggest threats to your business today, and old standards like tape backup and offsite storage are no longer suitable means of protecting your data when disaster strikes. With our backup and recovery systems, there are no capital expenditure costs, we have on-site experts to manage your data, and it’s affordable and scalable.


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